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The following officers, with the exception of the pastor, shall be elected with these stipulations: They must have been active church members for a minimum of one year. They may be removed from office by a two-thirds vote of the Church Council. No interim pastor shall be considered an officer of the church.

1. Pastor

a. The Pastor shall have special charge of the welfare of the church and the pastoral care of its people. The Pastor shall preach the Gospel and have in care all religious services and shall administer the Sacraments. He/she will have general supervision over the whole organization of the church and will supervise the day-to-day work of all paid staff.

b. Whenever a vacancy shall occur, the Church Council, with the advice of the Board of Deacons, shall, if possible, appoint an interim minister. The interim minister shall not be a candidate for the position of minister and shall not be an adviser to the Search Committee. Any other minister providing Pulpit Supply for more than four services during the vacancy period likewise shall not be a candidate for the position of Pastor.

The Moderator shall ask the Clerk to call a special church meeting at which the congregation shall elect a Search Committee.

i. The Search Committee shall be composed of at least five members, one of whom shall be a Deacon and one of whom a Trustee, who are representative of the congregation and who shall elect their own chairman. It shall request applications, interview candidates, check references, select one candidate and attend at least one service conducted by the final candidate before recommending that candidate to the congregation.

ii. The Search Committee’s recommended candidate shall be determined by a committee vote of at least 80%, but unanimity is desirable.

iii. The Search Committee shall introduce the candidate to the congregation, and the candidate shall preach a sermon at a regular Sunday worship service. Following that service, the Search Committee shall propose the election of the candidate and the congregation shall vote at a duly called meeting on the same day. A positive vote shall be by 80% of those present and voting.

iv. The Search Committee shall assist the Diaconate in arrangement of a service of installation for the newly elected pastor.

c. The Search Committee, in conjunction with the Board of Deacons, Board of Trustees and the Moderator, shall state the terms of the call as expressed by the vote of the church.

d. The Search Committee in conjunction with the Board of Deacons shall continue to provide support to the new minister for twelve (12) months after the effective date of the contract.

e. The Pastor shall become a member of the church in the regular manner prescribed in Article V as soon as possible but not later than the Service of Installation.

f. The Pastor shall be an ex-officio member of all church boards and committees, with voting privileges, but not counted toward a quorum.

g. A pastor wishing to resign from office shall give sixty days written notice to the Church Clerk and oral notice to the Diaconate, if such notice is practicable. Oral notice will be made at the Deacons’ meeting immediately preceding submission of the official resignation letter.

h. The Congregation may at any time, by two-thirds vote of those present and voting, at a church meeting called for that purpose, request the resignation of the pastor. Such resignation shall be presented to the Church Clerk and shall become effective within sixty days of an official church vote. The pastor in question will be notified orally at the next immediate meeting of the Diaconate or at any special meeting as may be appropriate. An official written notification shall be prepared by the Church Clerk, signed and delivered in hand by theModerator or by certified mail with a receipt requested. Careful documentation of all proceedings will be kept by the Church Clerk and will become part of the former pastor’s personnel file.

2. Moderator

a. The Moderator shall be the lay leader of the Church.

b. The Moderator shall be elected at the Annual Meeting for a term of one year not to exceed three consecutive years. After serving three (3) full consecutive terms, a Moderator shall be ineligible for reelection for a period of one year. This does not preclude the appointment of a former Moderator by the Church Council to fill an unexpired term.

c. The Moderator shall be an ex-officio member of all standing boards without vote and shall have a deciding vote on any tied vote of the Church Council.

d. In the absence of the Moderator, the Council shall appoint a Moderator pro tem.

e. Responsibilities:

• To preside at the Annual Meeting and all special meetings of the Church.
• To preside at meetings of the Church Council.
• Provide advice and counsel to the Pastor in the general areas of vision, mission and policy compliance.
• To prepare agendas for the Church Council and regular and special Church Meetings.
• Other duties as required; e.g., accepting resignations of officers and notifying the Council of said vacancies.

3. Clerk

a. The Clerk shall be elected at the annual meeting for a term of one year.

b. Responsibilities are to:

• Keep a faithful record of the proceedings of the church.
• Keep a register with addresses of the members of the church, dates and modes of their reception and removal, and a record of baptisms and marriages.
• Compile the annual reports of the pastor, boards, committees and organizations into a Church Annual Report to be available to the membership the Sunday prior to the Annual Meeting.
• Issue letters of transfer, notifying the churches to which they are addressed.
• Preserve on file all communications and written official reports including those of the Trustees and Deacons
• Notify all persons elected to offices when such notices are necessary.
• Conduct all correspondence as far as this is not otherwise provided for.
• Perform such other duties as are prescribed by law or as usually pertain to the office of clerk or secretary of an assembly, e.g., when necessary, act as official church signatory.

4. Chair of Trustees

a. The chair of Trustees shall be elected at the first meeting of the Board of Trustees after the Annual Meeting and shall serve until the first meeting of the following church year.

b. The chair of Trustees is the financial officer of the church.

5. Treasurer

a. The Treasurer shall be elected at the annual meeting for a term of two (2) years. He/she may be elected without limit upon the recommendation of the Board of Trustees.

b. The Treasurer shall be a voting member of the Board of Trustees.

c. The Treasurer shall:

• Deposit all funds received in such depository as the Trustees shall order.
• Under the direction of the Trustees, have access to all papers relating to the property of the church.
• Pay the bills of the church within the limits of the approved budget and keep accurate accounts of all receipts and disbursements.
• Be expected to give written accurate monthly reports to the Board of Trustees of all income and expenses. If he/she is unable to have reports ready for the monthly meetings for unforeseeable reasons, then the report should be made at the earliest time possible before the next monthly meeting. He/she shall give explanations of all church accounts, to the satisfaction of the Trustees when requested.
• Make written quarterly summary financial reports in January, April, July and October to the Board of Trustees and to any church members upon request.
• Not use funds (memorial or otherwise) for any other purpose than intended without the written approval of the Trustees. When memorial moneys are received, the Treasurer shall give an accounting of the fund, along with the intention of the giver, to the Memorials committee of the Board of Trustees.
• Oversee the payment of all salaried personnel in a timely fashion as per their agreements, and the payment of any withholding tax and appropriate deductions.
• Make disbursements records available to Trustees, along with receipts or other documentation, at regular scheduled Trustees meetings.

d. If the Treasurer plans not to be available for more than seven (7) days, the checking operational account shall be given to an Assistant Treasurer or Chair of the Trustees for disbursements of funds if necessary.
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e. The Treasurer shall, with the approval of the Board of Trustees, contract with a financial institution to invest endowments, legacies, trust funds, securities, etc. and pay the regular income from the same to the church in regular installments consistent with the investment policy of the church. The Treasurer is authorized to enter into an agreement with a CPA firm to handle many of the duties of the Treasurer, including, but not limited to the computerized accounting methods and procedures of the position.

f. All financial records pertaining to the church should be kept in the church office.

6. Assistant Treasurer(s)

Assistant Treasurer(s) shall be elected at the annual meeting for a term of one (1) year and shall assist the Treasurer in such duties as the Treasurer may direct, including making deposits. The Assistant Treasurer(s) will act as Treasurer in the absence of the Treasurer.


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