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1.    Services of Worship
        a.    Services of Worship may be held at a given hour each Sunday, except when     

        temporarily suspended by action of the Minister and Pastoral Relations Committee or

        by vote of the church. Special services of worship may be held at the discretion of the

        Board of Deacons.

        b.    Holy Communion. The Sacrament of Holy Communion shall be celebrated at such         regular dates as the Board of 

        Deacons may, from time to time, determine.


        c.    Baptism. The baptism of adults and children shall customarily be administered by

        the minister upon the Lord's Day when the Lord's Supper is celebrated.

2.    Meetings

        a.    Annual meetings. At the call of the clerk, the annual meeting shall take place

        within the last two weeks of October. The fiscal year shall be from October 1 through

        September 30. By October 1, the Pastor, church officers, and all church organizations,

        boards and committees shall submit annual reports in writing. At the meeting, the

        officers shall be elected; and all budgets, financial reports and annual reports shall

        be accepted. Other business may be brought up at the annual meeting for later

        consideration. Special, posted meetings must be held for decisions requiring votes of

        the membership to follow up on said “other business.”


        b.    Special Meetings. Special meetings shall be called by the Clerk on request from

        the Church Council. Special meetings shall also be called by the Clerk on petition of

        at least five (5) members. If the Clerk is unavailable, the meeting shall be called by

        the Moderator. All meetings shall be conducted according to Roberts Rules of Order.

        c.    Call of Meeting. The Clerk shall post notice of the meeting and its purpose at 

        least two weeks prior to the meeting and may send notice to the membership at least

        one week prior. 

        d.    Quorum. At the annual meeting and all special meetings, twenty-five (25)     

        members shall constitute a quorum.

        e.    Input from absent members. Absentee ballots will not be permitted; however, 

        absent members shall have the opportunity to submit written input to the clerk,   

        which shall be read aloud by the clerk during deliberations.

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